Suspension Technology

No Compromise

The key to optimizing vehicle performance with a coilover system falls entirely on the damper it's built around. S3 Suspension coilover kits have decades of proven damper engineering technology built into each system. Each damper is carefully assembled harnessing premium components that are made to last under the extreme conditions that racing vehicles are put through.

Thanks to our unique development process and our component manufacturing partners, S3 coilovers are an affordable option that delivers optimal performance for your vehicle without any of the drawbacks or problems found in other systems at similar price points.

S3 coilovers are a premium option without the premium price tag!

Specially Tuned

We pride ourselves on our extended development processes and attention to detail. Each coilover system features specially formulated valving, tuned specifically for each vehicle application and spring rate combination.

Each solution is assembled and first tested on a shock dyno to ensure proper operation and verify that the valving produces the results we are looking for. Next, the system is then installed on a vehicle for fitment checks and put through the motions to ensure proper operation.

From there, it's off for road testing and then the track for extensive testing with multiple professional drivers to gather data, feedback, and look for any unexpected defects or problems that might develop.

Our systems are brought back, torn down for inspection, and go through this testing process multiple times until we determine that it's delivering the excellent performance that we expect and is ready for your vehicle!


Our coilover kits are built with performance and longevity in mind. Each system features a wealth of high quality components to make adjusting your vehicle stance and performance easy!

  • 32 levels of compression adjustment (1-way adjustable)
  • Precision machined shock body threads for easy adjustment
  • Independent shock height and spring preload adjustment collars
  • Gas pressurized monotube shocks
  • Precision machined pillowball tophats
  • Camber adjustable tophats (application dependent)
  • Spherical bearing lower mounts (application dependent)
  • Zinc plated hardware (application dependent)
  • Bump stops and shock bellows for protection
  • Swift Springs
  • Custom tuned for your application

Go Custom!

Are you an enthusiast with a specific requirement for your suspension?

S3 offers complete custom coilover systems for our supported applications! Custom valving and spring rates are available to ensure that you get the exact suspension performance you are looking for from your vehicle.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help!