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"A competitive driver can't just slap on the most expensive parts to win. They need products that are specifically engineered to perform."

In an era where most consumers are more focused on power output and throwing on whatever suspension everyone says is best, Simple Suspension Solutions (S3) was founded to provide affordable coilover systems that are designed from the ground up for optimal vehicle-specific handling performance.

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Born in SoCal

Our team consists of enthusiasts who have lived and breathed track days and racing in the Southern California tuning community.

Based in Fullterton, California, our brand and product line is ever expanding by engineering, testing and launching new products directly out of our local facility.

Each product is put through its paces through numerous testing events at local tracks such as Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Chuckwalla Raceway, and more. Testing is also performed on our local roads and highways to ensure comfort and longevity.

The Most Vital Aspect

The most important component of any track or race vehicle is its suspension components. A properly tuned suspension setup is what gets your vehicle around the track and through the corners in the quickest manner possible. With those components, high speed stability, feedback, and predictable transitions between smooth and rough track surfaces is a requirement. An improperly tuned shock and spring combination can result in extremely poor handling, vehicle unpredictability, and poor lap times. Excessive bounce, bottoming out, and sloppy feedback are signs of an improperly tuned suspension system.

S3's humble beginnings stem from decades of track experience with a multitude of different suspension types, brands, and vehicles. During this time, we worked with many local racers within a niche market of competitors to dial in their vehicles suspension for optimal performance.

Within all these years of racing and suspension tuning, the founders of S3 came to the conclusion that there was a significant need for an appropriately priced, high-performing coilover system for the average consumer. Not everyone can afford a top-dollar suspension system for their weekend track warrior or canyon cruiser.

Simple Suspension Solutions was launched, delivering specially engineered purpose-built coilover systems tuned and optimized to give aspiring competitive drivers an affordable option for peak vehicle performance.

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